As CEO of ZERO404 Inc. I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in me and wish you all the best for 2021 !

2020 was a year of uncertainty for the world with events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic collapse around the world, resulting in a radically different business landscape that was that was difficult to navigate.

The pride I feel for this extraordinary organization ZERO404 is unmatched. We shared culture of discipline, flexibility and collaboration that has allowed us to thrive in the face of such such events, in the face of adversity, makes us unbeatable. We will overcome the difficulties of the of the moment, and we will do so, as we always have, by helping everyone in all the countries in which we operate.

Despite these challenges, ZEO404 has prepared for the future by focusing on Strengthening our foundations and creating a platform for growth. Our platform is designed to empower small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs with the tools they they need to succeed in this new reality. Remote work is the fastest growing sector with companies like the following breaking records on stock exchanges around the World breaking records.

In recent months, we have hardened the security of our flagship software on the ZROCOR network. Hardened. The actions of certain centralized Big Data firms have clearly demonstrated that they are are monopolistic and politically driven. This is not good for anyone, anywhere. The time for our decentralized federated network has arrived, and it’s being met by enterprise users who are concerned about censorship and their customers’ privacy. Even enterprise-grade, business-specific SaaS companies are being compromised by the encroachment of Interest groups compromised. Just last week, Salesforce, arguably the most widely used CRM company in the world, admitted through a leaked video that they are targeting companies they which they disagree will be put on a platform.

So I congratulate you for supporting the future of the business platform. That was a wise decision, and I know that many of our future users will also be grateful that you have helped launch the tools that will help them succeed.

● Obsidian a business suite like Microsoft 365 and Zoom.
● Thriveblocks a social network, like Linkedin and Facebook, aimed at freelancers,
Remote workers and small businesses
● ZRO a crypto-asset processing service that enables the rapid exchange of multi-chain currencies
without the burden of third parties
● COR a job board for freelancers and SMEs looking for employees
● Pandora an app development and deployment platform for real-world applications such as Food delivery, ride-sharing, and gaming.

All of this, of course, on our blockchain, ZROCOR, decentralized and scaled through a global federated network of masternode operators.

We continue to harden the applications currently deployed, Obsidian, Thriveblocks and ZRO. Thanks to you, we are currently evaluating our future business relationships for the development of a globally accessible cloud infrastructure for the deployment of the Decentralized Federated Network. This will also include the beta deployment of COR and Pandora. The Genesis block of the ZROCOR blockchain is cracking data, and has been for 40 days. A Block Explorer will be available very soon so you can visualize the data chain. We hope, to provide you with more information in the coming weeks. This will be the first step for sparking user traction and mass scaling of the network.

You will notice that our parent website is under maintenance. We are preparing a robust HTML portal to launch the new ZERO404 2.0 and our set of highly qualified services from private blockchain creation and deployment to Custodial cryptocurrency solutions to reflect.

Should you wish to speak with me or any member of the development team, we will be happy to set up a chat with you.

Thank you for your trust and investment in Zero404. I am confident that we will be able to provide able to deliver sustainable value to our shareholders. While the world is fighting back against COVID-19, we will do our part to support our shareholders in these difficult times.

Eric Liboiron, CEO