About ZERO404

A Decade Of Existence

Our Foundation

ZERO404 is a company created in December 2012 in Canada, under the jurisdiction of the province of Quebec.  

The company has operated as a boutique consulting firm for startups and established companies that wanted to grow their revenues, expand to new sectors or renew their operational technology.

The areas it consulted included but were not limited to software development, mobile app development, software stack integration, business rules development, integration of new technology and business rules, employee training and implementation, business model evolution, financing, public relations, advertising, user acquisition, sales method development, revenue growth, outsourcing, contract negotiations and more recently blockchain development, decentralized community development and incentivizing, tokenization and cryptocurrency economics.

Over the past decade  and it’s many employees, partners, advisors and collaborators have worked on a diverse field of projects ranging from early childhood education technology to financial exchange algorithms. Clients have been startups to legacy dotcoms but have always had cutting edge requirements pushing our teams skills.

Our Future Is Now

In 2019, Eric Liboiron, the founder, with the guidance of IT pioneer Jeremy Harkness, dissolved the consulting operations to reorient the core business of the firm. 

A few clients were maintained to respect transitional agreements parallel to the development of the new business model.

It was clear that the world was changing at the cusp of the 4th industrial revolution and the old rules would not apply. An awakening in conscientiousness, collaboration and community is advancing at speeds never before witnessed in recent documented human history. Information, research and understanding of natural algorithms, development of new technologies to harness the power of our environment are being exchanged through connected open source networks. Much of the facts and history that are altered to benefit the few at the expense of the many are now shared, backed up and digested at lightning speeds.

Decentralization of governance

ZERO404 is positioning itself as a global leader in Decentralized Federated Organization management by operating the ZROCOR blockchain

Open Source Community

We use, create and share open source software. Our belief is in a single human species living in a world with no flags and no masters.

Lean Enterprise Management

Minimizes the risk, fixed costs, long-term debt, and employee fixed costs. it’s a growth hack approach, community-oriented, borderless, global, focused on grassroots collaboration

Blockchain and the Digital Nomad

Freedom of movement and the opportunity to grow outside the restrictive environments is the future of work.

Core values

We Believe In Transparent Accountability

The operators and governance groups are not anonymous and their decisions and actions are transparent and backed up on the blockchain.

The past cannot be rewritten. Users are free to interact commercially, transfer and accumulate the fruits of their labour, vote for their collective environmental lifestyles and build the trust scores to choose whom they interact with.

Decentralized, incorruptible and transparent.

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Eric Liboiron

Founder and CEO

Jeremy Harkness

Chief Blockchain Officer

Gotz Heinemann

Chairman of the Board

Rolf Landgraf

Legal Council

Jim Edwards

Advisory Board

Luca Bizzaro

Head of Tokenomics Sales

Armaghan Raza

Blockchain Adviser

Ben Borgers

Auditor CPA

Imtiaz Ahmed

Systems Architect

Suban Khalid

Software Development

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