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Who is Eric Liboiron?

CEO ZERO404 | Enterprise Grade Technology Infrastructure | Lean Process Development >>> @ZER0404 is #blockchain #tokenomics #ericliboiron


2011 - Present

Founder, CEO at Zero404


Lean Startups 89%
Negotiations 61%
Passion 50%
Networking 71%
Creative Marketing 85%



McGill University


Dawson College


I have a strong entrepreneurial and administrative background. Over the last two decades I have designed holistic business structures for multiple organisations in an array of industries This has allowed me to witness and operate various business models, giving a range of experience and a deep understanding of business processes

One of my strengths is that I am able to quickly map the particular algorithms of a given project within it’s broader industry. Additionally, I have a facility in explaining the connections and methods developed to efficiently execute the launch or integration of this knowledge. In other word’s: layman’s terms! My experience has allowed me to observe, understand and accept my underlying strengths and weakness. I believe that this is of utmost important for any individual to achieve in order to ensure growth in his or her’s chosen profession. 

My specialities: Business modelling. Truly most people don’t understand the nature of business modelling, and many who do can’t project the model to it’s endgame.

Lean startup. I have a strong belief in the lean startup method. The greatest innovators in my opinion are bred of passion and not profit. 

Negotiations. Win-win. I can’t stress this enough. If you have to make someone lose in order to win, the model is off, and won’t last 

Networking. The hive needs to create synapses in order to evolve. Networking is that. Get to the hubs and pitch, listen, connect and flourish Financing. 

Passion is the catalyst of innovation and growth, but currency ensures its continuity. Both are essential to the endgame. 

Creative marketing. If you can’t sell your vision and on-board others with hope and enthusiasm or at least an understanding of the need that can be filled, your stalled. 

Entrepreneurship. For better of for worst I have been living from my hustle, my ambition and my dreams. I have not done it alone, because that would be impossible. I have worked with hundreds of amazing and not so amazing people in order to realise my projects. That, in my opinion, is the essence of entrepreneurship

Massive idea generator. I evaluate a person by his ideas. I am always amazed by people who dream and bring to life new products and services that don’t exist yet. What a thing, to bring to life ideas!
-Eric Liboiron