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Investing In Bitcoin Shouldn’t Be Intimidating

We know cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, mining, and blockchain are terms that strike fear in the hearts of investors who are not tech-savvy.  People are flooded with information and find it hard to filter out the actual truth. Famous business people are constantly investing, and still, there is no factual information about the risks and benefits of such an investment.

Perhaps you have sought guidance from a financial advisor, only to find they do NOT specialize in crypto and cannot help you. Here is where we step in. At ZERO404, we have been studying the Bitcoin market since 2016 and have thoroughly researched the potential risks to understand where the confusion comes from. So, we are here to help you know more, invest correctly, and retain your money in crypto—all free of any commission. 

Is It to Late To Catch The Bitcoin Train?

Millionaires, financial counselors, famous business people are all investing in Bitcoin. Not because they find it amusing, but because they KNOW there is an opportunity for ultra-HIGH return on their investment. Since Bitcoin was created in 2009, its initial value of $0.008 has grown almost 8 MILLION times to hit a record high of nearly $64,000 in 2021. Meaning if you bought just $1 of Bitcoin in 2009, you would have become a millionaire.  But the truth is that it’s still POSSIBLE to become a millionaire with Bitcoin.

Currently, the cost of the precious cryptocurrency continues to rise, even though there have been fluctuations in the financial market. Predictions from renowned financial experts estimate that the value of a single Bitcoin can reach $500,000 or even 1 MILLION dollars towards the end of the decade. Right now, there is a temporary dip in the price, which represents a great opportunity. So, the sooner you invest, the higher your return on investment (ROI) will be.

Invest in Bitcoin Today

There are countless stories about people losing the keys to their crypto accounts or having them hacked and their money was stolen. With ZERO404, this risk is 100% alleviated. When you purchase a Bitcoin through our wallet, you receive full custody of your savings and keys. We promise complete transparency over the purchasing process and access to your crypto finances. So when the time comes, you can cash out all your gains completely stress-free.

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Once you have all of the information you need, we will guide you through opening your wallet and purchasing Bitcoin with your credit card. We won’t collect any of your payment data and will guide you over the phone.

We, Will, Walk You Through Every Step Of The Process

Helping You Understand Blockchain Nodes

We know that not everyone fully understands how blockchain works and what it means, even though everyone seems to be talking about it. But we are here to change that. Once you contact us, we will provide a series of training and detailed information about all aspects of crypto and blockchain.

Opening Up Your First Wallet

Our help does not end with simply explaining the essence of cryptocurrency. We will help our customers fully understand the process of opening up a wallet and choosing a legitimate exchange from their currency into cryptocurrency. This way, we ensure the process is completely transparent and helpful.

Helping You Manage Your Keys

More than anything, we value information. This is why we will help you understand how the keys work and how to safely maintain them. We will guide you through managing your crypto finances and understanding market fluctuations and major events.

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We understand how pricey investing in Bitcoin can be. Sometimes turn-key services can cost up to $499. This is why we have an exclusive offer. If you purchase within the next 48 hours, you will receive the turn-key service for FREE. If you also complete the Bitcoin purchase within the first phone call with us, we will reduce transaction fees by 50%. Don’t hesitate - fill out the form now and start planning your crypto finances!