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Artificial Intelligence combined with robotics as one.

Cybernetics has already begun to intertwine with artificial intelligence and continue to do so daily. By combing AI technology with robotics, we will soon be able to strengthen our own bodies, giving us noticeably more  strength, longevity, and endurance. This may help us enhance our bodies, the application of this technology is really aimed at helping the disabled. Those individuals, who have amputated limbs or permanent paralysis, can be given a much higher quality of life. Cybernetic limbs that can communicate with the brain can become almost as useful as natural limbs. In the future, artificial limbs may even become stronger, faster, and more efficient.


AI Will Help Create Fully Functional Robots

In addition to helping us enhance our bodies, AI technology is also expected to help us create artificial lifeforms. Science fiction has long suggested the concept of human-like robots that are capable of complex interactions. That future may not be very far off at this point. As the field of robotics advances and incorporates AI technology, robots will become useful in a variety of ways. They can take on dangerous jobs and do work that poses health risks to people. Even today, drones and less sophisticated robots are performing welding and other hazardous tasks, though they’re typically controlled by an operator via a remote.


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